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Lanzo Plumbing provides commercial and residential plumbing services of any scale. Our plumbing technicians average 14 years of experience, and our employees answer your calls, not an answering service.

Sewer Service

- Video sewer inspections
- Pump station repair & cleaning
- Grease trap maintenance & cleaning
-Sanitary & storm sewer systems​
- Repairs & Replacements 


- Repair and Installations of All Brands
- Recommendations for Upgrades to Existing Fixtures​
- Provision of New Water Lines for Additions  

Water Heaters

- Hot water heater installations
- Repair of All Brands
- New Installations
- Upgrades & Resizing

Water & Gas Lines

- Boiler installations​
- Radiant Heating
- Find & Repair Leaks
- Replace Faulty Lines
- Installation of New Lines 

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Whether you're dealing with drains clogged from grease or sanitary products, or your pipes have been blocked by roots; our team of qualified plumbers are here to help. With the use of our advanced machines, we are able to clean pipes thoroughly so you can get back to focusing on more important things.
Believe it or not, there are a number of tools, parts, and preparations necessary to have squared away before you install a new faucet, especially if there was a leak involved or you are returning to a unit that wasn’t installed right the first time. The neglect of one tool can in some cases necessitate a complete redo of the installation, or a couple more trips to the hardware store to get the missing tool or part. Many snags and unique obstacles can come up during installation, too, such as the discovery that a particular brand of faucet is not feasible for that location in you home. Or that, upon further evaluation, a different brand would serve your functional and aesthetic needs better. In anyone’s budget, time is money, so let our licensed master plumbers at Lanzo Plumbing make a full and comprehensive assessment of your faucet installation needs.
Your water heater is an important device in your home, providing ample hot water for your entire family on a daily basis. So, when selecting a new water heater, it’s important that you choose one that will provide enough hot water during peak hours without costing a fortune to operate. For all of your water heater installation needs, call the experts of Lanzo Plumbing. We can help you select the right water heater for your home and then install it properly so it works as intended for years to come.
When you’re looking for an efficient and reliable way to keep your home warm all winter, boilers are an excellent option. Boilers are a tried and true heating method that is very good at shouldering the heating load even on the coldest days of the year. Call the boiler installation and replacement professionals at Lanzo Plumbing if you need a new boiler put into your home. We offer a great lineup of products from great manufacturers, for you to choose from, and we’ll make sure the boiler we install for you perfectly matches the needs of your home.


Established in 1975 by founder Ralph O. Lanzo

When Ralph O. Lanzo started Lanzo Plumbing, it was a small shop catering to the needs of local families and small companies. Through his fine expertise over the years, extensive knowledge and dedication, Lanzo Plumbing became a household name that still lives on more than 60 years later. Under the instruction of his father, Douglas Lanzo is now proud to sit at the helm of Lanzo, as we continue to serve the needs of our customers in all aspects of modern interior plumbing and underground sewer work.

Lanzo Plumbing is a full service plumbing company. Special care is always taken to protect homes and businesses during installations and repairs. The state code requirements and federal laws are only our minimum standards. We have a full line of sewer equipment from interior house drains to high pressure jetting of commercial and municipal sewer systems. Lanzo Plumbing provides monthly Osha approved toolbox safety training meetings for its entire staff. Our courteous uniformed service technicians are always available to serve our clients with 24-hour emergency service. Type your paragraph here.

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